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Energy Procurement & Review

Electricity is, by far, one of the largest over-head utility expenses in any businesses today. Energy usage can account for over 50% of the total utility expenditures in a facility.  It is extremely important to take steps to minimize these costs.

O&M Resources provides an array of services focused on your energy needs, such as:

  • Auditing Your Utility Bills for Mistakes (Retroactive up to 4 Years)
  • Procuring a Custom-Fit Energy plan with your preferred terms & competitive price
  • Market Intelligence Platform will let you know the most optimal time to purchase or renew your energy contract
  • Protecting & Cleaning your electrical system for a problem-free, efficient running electrical environment

All these solutions are sure to Save You “Watts” of Money! ™

Infrared Scans

Infrared scans of your electrical systems can provide a tremendous insight to the state of your equipment. An IR scan can show failing equipment, loose connections and excessive heat in motors allowing you to schedule maintenance before a catastrophic failure takes place. Identifying a problem before a major failure could save you a lot of money.

Market Intelligence Timing

Empower your energy purchase with Market Timing

Our intelligent feature helps answer the age-old question,

"Is Now a Good Time to Buy?"

As a consumer, we would all love to be able to purchase in the energy market just before it goes up, as well as to get out of the contract right when the markets go below the purchase price. But can you really beat the market and predict the best times to purchase?

To help you make the ideal choice at the ideal time, we offer Market Timing. It's a sophisticated alert system built to be your expert market analyst that is constantly working to help you determine the most optimal time to purchase energy.

Created by a robust group of brilliant minds, this powerful feature is available to all our customers. Our system uses a Gradient Boosted Trees Model that currently has an 88% accuracy and is constantly improving.


Our Market Timing algorithm continually scans the market as a whole, considering current energy rates from all supplier partners, and how they change day after day. The system compares these rates with over 10 years of historic data to see trends and uses an intelligent forecast model to determine the best day to start or renew an energy contract.

O&M will make certain you are purchasing your energy at the most optimal time based on highly accurate market timing condition s!

Power Factor Correction

If your facility has power factor problems, O&M has the solution. We will evaluate your facility and recommend the solution. Turnkey solutions can be provided along with the ROI for the solution. If your power factor is not within recommended limits, you could be paying a penalty on your power bill.

Power Quality & Electric Filtration

O&M can help facilities maintain a healthy electrical system, as well as:

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce energy losses
  • Lower Electricity Bills up to 15%
  • Minimize Downtime
  • Increase facility production
  • Protect electrical equipment

Why Do I Need Clean Power?

Today's high-tech business facilities require dependable and clean electrical energy, now more than ever. Electrical systems have been designed the same way for over 100 years. Over this time, sensitive electronics, designed to be more powerful and efficient, now require absolute clean power to provide the best performance. Any small electrical disturbances (electrical noise, micro-surges, harmonics) will affect the performance and life of electronic equipment. Typically, these disturbances go unnoticed and replacing equipment early, unfortunately, becomes "routine maintenance".

Over 85% of the disturbances in a facility are generated from electrical equipment inside the building which share the same distribution system. The other 15% would be from external sources, such as lightning strikes or utility switching.

Electrical Filtration: Why Do I Need It?

Filters are designed for Water, Air, Oil and other media for increased performance and extended life. Your electrical system also needs filtration to remove damaging "Dirty" power, which continuously degrades the life of your electronics and other equipment. For long-life performance of electrical equipment, it is imperative to protect and filter your electrical distribution system.

Utility Bill Audits

Today's electric bill is littered with various energy charges and fees. Deciphering this information is near impossible, especially for a large energy user with multiple services. O&M Resources' utility bill audit can assist in the recovery of unnecessary fees, taxes, tariffs and keep the utility company accountable for any over-charges on current and future contracts. Our auditors can go back up to 4 years to recover any infractions and have this overpayment refunded back to you, free of charge.

O&M's professional auditor will be able to discover what's costing your business more than it should. Building owners need to know whether the cause is inefficient equipment and systems or billing errors. With over 25+ years' experience, our experts will give your business the attention it needs.

We ensure your business is being charged accurately!


O&M Resources, Inc. was established in 2010 as a power consulting firm providing solutions for electrical system issues due to out of date electrical designs. We employ a technical sales staff consisting of Electrical Engineers, Electrical Designers and Master Electrician with over 25+ years each of experience in the industry.

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