Market Intelligence Timing

Empower your energy purchase with Market Timing

Our intelligent feature helps answer the age-old question,

"Is Now a Good Time to Buy?"

As a consumer, we would all love to be able to purchase in the energy market just before it goes up, as well as to get out of the contract right when the markets go below the purchase price. But can you really beat the market and predict the best times to purchase?

To help you make the ideal choice at the ideal time, we offer Market Timing. It's a sophisticated alert system built to be your expert market analyst that is constantly working to help you determine the most optimal time to purchase energy.

Created by a robust group of brilliant minds, this powerful feature is available to all our customers. Our system uses a Gradient Boosted Trees Model that currently has an 88% accuracy and is constantly improving.


Our Market Timing algorithm continually scans the market as a whole, considering current energy rates from all supplier partners, and how they change day after day. The system compares these rates with over 10 years of historic data to see trends and uses an intelligent forecast model to determine the best day to start or renew an energy contract.

O&M will make certain you are purchasing your energy at the most optimal time based on highly accurate market timing condition s!


O&M Resources, Inc. was established in 2010 as a power consulting firm providing solutions for electrical system issues due to out of date electrical designs. We employ a technical sales staff consisting of Electrical Engineers, Electrical Designers and Master Electrician with over 25+ years each of experience in the industry.

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