Power Factor Correction

Power Factor reflects how efficiently you use electricity and is equal to the cosine of the phase angle between voltage and current. It compares the amount of useful work (real power) to the amount of power consumed – and read on the electric meter (apparent power). Correcting bad power factor can easily result in a 10-12% decrease in your power bill; the savings alone often pays for the correction equipment within a few years!

Correcting bad power factor is simple in concept - capacitive current can offset inductive current and inductive current offsets capacitive current. Perform some simple vector addition and the resulting Apparent Power vector is approaching the Real Power vector creating a near unity power factor. In most industrial plants inductive loads are usually larger than capacitive loads so most correction systems use capacitive reactance to balance the power factor.

In typical correction system a large bank of fixed capacitors provides the capacitive reactance. In more sophisticated systems the capacitors are arranged in banks and switched by relays to accommodate variable loads. Tinitron takes PF correction two-steps farther by constantly monitoring the voltage and current in each phase and using solid state switches to add or subtract capacitors as needed. This monitoring and correction takes place during each cycle resulting in perfect power all the time.


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