EP-HPF Residential Surge & Filtration Unit

The Best Whole-Home Surge Protection in the Industry!

Hurricane Season is just around the corner. Order your Industrial grade surge/lightning protector and electrical noise filter for your home now. The EP-HPF utilizes the patented "Wave Form Correction Technology", designed to protect sensitive residential appliances, high-end audio/video systems, HVAC, computers and other sensitive loads. This unit allows your electrical system to run more efficiently. Customers have reported up to a 25% savings to their electric bill. Complete home protection. Absorbs, Dissipates & Removes transient voltage surges and spikes, Frequency Noise between 3KHz - 1MHz and Ring Waves. It is recommended this unit should only be installed by a qualified electrician.
Special Limited Hurricane Season sale price!
Retail price of $550.00 has been reduced to
$395.00 through the month of September!
Standard Home unit is for 120/240v applications. Please call us if you have additional voltage requirements.


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