TALON Cable Cleats

A cable cleat is a cable restraint device (sometimes called a cable block, cable bracket or cable clamp) that is designed    and tested to provide securing and retention    of cables.  A cable cleat is typically fixed to   a mounting surface (e.g. ladder-type cable    tray rung) and fastened around one or more cables.  According to IEC 61914 and UL  2239, neither conduit clamps, P-clamps or    cable ties are considered to be cable cleats. Cable cleats may be applied to single conductor or multi-conductor cables.
Talon® Products manufactures cable cleats that embrace the company tagline – Hold the Cables. Hug the Rung.® The Talon® cable cleat answers customer requests for a high-strength cable restraint that limits cable movement and can be easily mounted on ladder-type cable tray or framing channel strut without cumbersome mounting brackets. Talon’s® revolutionary interlocking frame with captive stainless steel gripping hardware replaces legacy products with a highly-engineered cable cleat that simultaneously encloses cables and their support rung. This innovative design earned US and international patents. Talon® cable cleats secure cables that are subject to lateral and torsional forces; provide axial strain relief for vertical and horizontal cables; and are designed and tested to protect high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage cables from mechanical damage resulting from short circuits. Other cable cleats simply can’t compare.
Typical Cable Tray Application
Single Cable Application
TreFoil / Multi-Cable Application
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